Secure Instant Messaging

"Protect your organization's communications from threats with Secure Instant Messaging"

Secure Instant Messaging application or technology are mainly focused to safeguarding sensitive information between one person to another, superior to subordinate, amongst colleagues and partners via communication applications. Crucial confidential data such as customer information or financial details are safer communicated through secure instant messaging which helps to protect from inadvertent data leakages and breaches.

We have developed a Secure Instant Messaging software for organizations with a purpose of providing a secure platform to communicate other than those readily available to the masses. It has the typical IM functions, easy to deploy, is customizable based on user's preferred functions and features which are also easily managed.

The features and functions are similar to other messaging application such as WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Line etc. and is available on both Android and iOS platform. The basic functions provided are:

  • Private and Group Chat
  • Voice and Audio Call
  • Clear Message from History
  • Mute and Unmute notification
  • End - to - End Encryption

We understand that every client has unique requirements, therefore basic and advance features can be customized accordingly.

Big Data Analytics And Visualization

"We do not just talk Big Data, we run end-to-end Big Data and its Security."

Digital infrastructure is being built out in public and private sectors across the world. With it, our capacity to implement data solutions from and across entities and systems is growing exponentially. Capacity, however, is not the only one of the essential enablers of digitization. Capability is essential, too, and that resides in the skills of people.

Successful big data implementations depend on diverse skills, including those of developers, administrators, data architects and scientists. But demand for such experts exceeds supply. Instead, with our big data experts, who are able to guide you through the series of entire big data transformation program from planning, design and development, will expand your organization's participation in the economic benefits of a data-driven, digital economy.

Our big data solutions enable you to access information with interactive visualizations, actionable analytics, secure and scalable systems, and intelligently discover insights in the report that can make meaningful decisions.