Managed Security Services (MSS)

"Let us manage your cyber security matters so that you can focus on your core business."

We provide security-as-a-service for your business needs. With the ever changing threat landscape that businesses and governments face today, EF can help you combat these threats by MANAGING your security appliances, MONITORING your security events and network and RESPOND to any breaches that have occurred in your system. We believe we can be your perfect partner for your Cyber security needs, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.


We are able to manage your security devices (Firewalls, IPS, IDS etc.) across your organization to ensure that it is constantly updated and configured to its optimum level. With our extensive knowledge in threats across the globe, we are able to block any suspicious activity and ensure that vulnerabilities found are patched accordingly.


With our technology and skills on hand, we are able to monitor security events across your organization to have a clearer understanding of possible threats faced. Our analysts are able to identify, triage, investigate and report on the possible threat based on logs and events from your security devices and endpoints across your organization. The technology and skills that we have enables our team of experts to correlate and analyze trends to better help your organization to prevent and mitigate any security breaches.


Our comprehensive methodology allows us to respond to both unknown and known threats in cyber space. We are able to provide our clients further understanding of incidents that have happened in the past while proactively searching for new threats to better serve our clients with further consultation and support.

Cyber Security Strategy & Transformation

"Knowing where your current capabilities and gaps are pivotal in the formation of your strategy and transformation."

One of the most problematic elements of cyber security is the constantly evolving nature of security risks. To deal with the current environment, advisory organizations should be prepared with a more proactive and adaptive approach.

We preserve a profound comprehension of emerging and game changing technologies, so we can identify the areas of investment crucial in maintaining security capabilities. This empowers us to deliver creative, affordable, effective solutions to our customers and drive economic development to the business. Our Cyber Security Strategy and Transformation services revolve on the architecture review of your ICT infrastructure based on the Capability Maturity Model. Upon review, we will then provide guidance in strategising the defence and offence of your cyber security approach encompassing the People, Process & Technology aspects to ensure a holistic and successful Transformation.

Our teams with various expertise provide and deliver total support for your mission's success. We offer the full spectrum of support ranging from technology services to processes, which we customise to meet the individual requirements of every client to ensure a comprehensive and complete solution.

Cyber Security Change Management Services

"People are the weakest link in Cyber Security."

The weakest link in Cyber Security are the People, this can be the employees, users and management, no matter where they are in the organization. Cybercrime losses due to scams, phishing, malware, social engineering schemes and attacks amount to trillions of Dollars yearly worldwide. In most cyber security transformation initiatives, the primary focuses are on Process and Technology, often neglecting the stakeholders and users managing the cyber eco-system.

Therefore, in managing these gaps and as part of our focus, Cyber Security Change Management services tackles the strategy, planning, development, execution and monitoring of 'People' aspects. We combine proven methodologies and frameworks in designing the most appropriate and comprehensive Change Management strategies and plans customized for your organization's Cyber Security needs.

We will help you develop and craft the Change Management Plan and activities in alignment to your organization's to-be state and target operating model. This is then followed by an as-is review of your organization's current state to identify the gaps and necessary roadmap required. Throughout the implementation phase, periodic assessment of the activities and plan is carried out to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Stakeholder Engagement
Awareness Sessions
Knowledge Transfer
Training and Events